Child/Educational Psychology

Cognitive and Educational Assessment
Involves the use of psychometric and educational tests accompanied by a comprehensive written report with detailed recommendations.

Assessment of Social Behaviour and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder
Involves the use of the Childhood Autism Rating Scale and specific measures of adaptive and social behaviour with the results compiled into a detailed written report.

Social Behaviour Intervention
Individual programming that addresses social skills deficits, regulation of emotions and identification of feelings. Intervention is structured according to a child's age and developmental level.

Individual Parent Training
Focuses on techniques and strategies for parents to improve the management of their child's social and emotional behaviour.

Individual Play Therapy
Aims to develop social and emotional skill development through play.

School Readiness Assessment
Involves the use of cognitive, adaptive and social assessment tools to determine a child's readiness for primary school.

School funding assessments
Full assessment and comprehensive reports are provided. Working with the Early Intervention Centre or School to support funding application process.