A variety of groups (based on demand) are offered by Listen in... aimed at developing children's social skills, play skills and school readiness.
All groups are NDIS  approved

Ready to Talk School (4-6yrs)
This program is designed for children with a language delay or related speech condition or Autism Spectrum Disorder, currently attending a 4yr old preschool with the view of going onto school in the following year. Children should have some verbal skills in order to get the most out of the program . This is a group based program and as a result is not designed to replace individual speech therapy. No formal diagnosis is required.

Each week the group sessions include activities and games addressing the following key areas:

1. Language: both receptive and expressive (listening and talking) and auditory processing skills

2. Pre literacy: phonemic awareness, matching, rhyming, syllabification

3. Social skills: turn taking, games with rules, sharing, initiating conversations, role play

4. Fine and gross motor: pencil grip, cutting, pasting, whole body integration.

The group program is progressive with new skills being taught each term, designed to build on existing strengths and challenge each individual client to improve and reach their specific goals.

The Listen in... programs DO NOT replace your normal preschool sessions, they are designed to supplement your child's education.

Social Skills for School
Social Skills for School is a group program designed for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or social/emotional delay who are enrolled in the early years (Prep-Grade 2) of mainstream school. Run over 8 weeks the program addresses fundamental issues and concerns that many children experience within their school environment. Topics include: Conversational competence, Non-verbal social skills, Making and maintaining friendships, Managing anxiety and preserving self-esteem, The Circle of Friends-Levels of Friendship and acquaintances and The Educational Context.

Preschool Social Learning (3yrs+)
This group is for 3 or 4yr old preschoolers with Autistic tendencies, social difficulties or a language delay. No formal diagnosis is required. The group focuses on the social learning needed for a successful time at preschool. Some of the activities include: following group instructions, turn taking in conversation as well as in play, social skills role play, listening and answering questions, asking for help when needed, gross and fine motor activities.

Motor Skills for School (4 to 6yrs)
For 4-6 year old children working on the skills needed to manage school. A combination of sensory processing, imaginative play, fine and gross motor skills at the same time as encouraging the development of social skills within the group.

Fine Motor Skills Program
Looking at the underlying skills needed to develop fine motor control, postural control, sensory processing, upper body strength, hand strength and control, bilateral integration, distal finger control and motor planning.